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Sewer Scope Inspections

In addition to the home inspection itself, buyers should strongly consider having a sewer scope performed in order to ensure that no significant problems are preexisting within the sewer lines. Regardless of the age of the house being purchased, but especially in older builds, there can be blockages from the roots of trees within the yard that can cause potentially expensive repairs if not identified prior to completion of the home purchase.

Why Buyers Should Especially Have Sewer Scopes Performed in Older Neighborhoods in Denver

Some of the older homes in Denver, while well built and in good condition, still have their original sewer lines. Many of these are constructed of a different material than their more modern counterparts, are not in acceptable condition, and may need replacing. The material ‘vitreous clay tile’ (VCT) was used to build many of these older lines and can pose its own set of problems in addition to those that affect newer sewer lines. Because of the composition of these pipes, sinking and cracks can occur over time, which can lead to blockages and damage in the pipelines, and tree roots seeping into the moisture laden cracks, which can also cause potential drainage issues. These items all need to be continuously monitored to ensure the conditions don’t worsen and cause damage to the sewer lines.

What Happens During the Sewer Inspection?  

 The sewer inspection process consists of running a camera through the home's sewer connection all the way out to the street and the main city sewer line. During this process, the inspector will describe any potential issues that are fully visible at time of inspection. .Once evaluated, the inspector may advise the buyers to have a Certified Plumber evaluate the video to determine if further action is needed. After this, the buyer can take this information to the seller and decide on a course of action prior to closing.

So the Big Question Is, WHY Have a Sewer Inspection?

Knowledge is power! Identifying potential issues to monitor over time can make costly repairs and total sewer replacement avoidable. If the buyers find potential issues after the video has been performed and a plumber has assessed if any repairs are needed, they have the option to negotiate with the seller to repair or replace the defective lines. 


The issues identified above can be watched and inexpensive maintenance items, like cleaning or snaking roots from the lines, can be performed as opposed to a full replacement of the system. Having a sewer scope performed is yet another way to give the buyers negotiating power before purchasing a new home, and gives them the knowledge to be more comfortable and confident in their investment.

A Video of a sewer line inspection we preformed

The sewer scope that we use

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